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6th September 2014

Wow, it has been almost a year since I've updated this little personal blog of mine which I created around 2011 when I first started as a private guitar instructor. Things have come a long way - I've moved on to co-found TravelClef, a company that provides music lessons to many corporate organizations, primary/secondary schools and even child care centres. We also conduct teambuilding with music programmes for many companies. We are proud to be featured last week on Sunday Times Classified! Took a snap shot of the article below :)

Anyway, I guess most of you happen to stumble upon this blog while you are searching for guitar lessons for either yourself or your child. I'm glad you are reading this because I love to help people get started with learning the guitar! 

Some time back I designed a Guitar Crash Course in 8 lessons that was designed to help anyone get started with playing the guitar in just 8 weeks. I have many requests for that (almost weekly), however, I'm sad to say that currently I'm unable to take in anymore students due to my packed schedule. I really wish I could, but there is only that limited number of hours we have per day. But, what I can do for you is to assist you in finding a private guitar tutor who is experienced and qualified if you are looking for private guitar lessons in Singapore. I run an online guitar agency where we find private guitar tutors for you and rest assured that your guitar learning journey will be an enjoyable one. :)

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. (it's not as updated as I would want it to be, but have fun browsing around what I've blogged over the past 2-3 years lol)

Do contact me if you need help with anything related to learning the guitar (like what type of guitar to purchase, is learning the guitar super hard, where to purchase guitar etc) If you happen to be looking for piano lessons in Singapore, or violin lessons in Singapore, or even drum lessons in Singapore, just let me know and I will do my best to help you! 

Playing music or learning music is something that I feel very passionate about because playing music brings you a kind of enjoyment that is amazing and is hard to describe. I've helped many adults learn music, and personally held many Ukulele Workshops at corporate organizations for working adults who have zero musical background. Every time I see them pick up the Ukulele to play, it brings me so much satisfaction. Playing music helps you discover so much about yourself. It helps you to express yourself, it helps you to relieve stress by bringing out positive emotions. I can go on and on about the benefits of learning music. If you are reading this, and have always wanted to play an instrument, then I'd suggest you make the decision to start learning an instrument now! 

19th Nov 2013

Just watched the movie 3 Peas in a Pod and I really like the theme song You and I. I've figured it out the guitar chords here. Have fun!

Happy Mothers Day 2013! 

On Thursday 9th May, my partners and I went around Singapore to play live music and performed for 3 mothers who won our Mothers' Day Contest. Personally, I felt that it was probably the most meaningful thing that I've have done so far in 2013. I feel really happy that we were able to help the winners express their love to their mothers. To be honest, during the last performance when the mother teared, I was really touched too. I have never felt so touched while playing the guitar before.

Do take a look at the video! For more enquiries on mobile dedication service, visit us here.

April 2013

Congrats to my 3 students for passing grade 1 ABRSM!

Learning music is not about just having the paper qualifications, but, to enjoy the sound that you are producing and the positive emotions that it will bring you.

March 2013 - Classical Guitar or Acoustic guitar?

Difference between learning the Classical guitar and Acoustic guitar

I hope to clear a little confusion that most beginner guitar learners have in common and the questions that I get asked most frequently. What most people do not know is actually the difference between learning the classical and acoustic guitar. 

When you learn the classical guitar, you will be exposed to reading musical notations. As for playing style, you pluck a lot more than strumming at the start. This means you get to play melody lines, and overtime, you get to play with the bass notes as well. It is almost the same as fingerstyle guitar, like those you see on youtube. 

As for learning the acoustic, you start learning the basic chords and strumming patterns. Thus, you get to learn how to strum along to your favourite pop songs leisurely. You get to learn various types of strumming patterns, chord theory, and for the more advanced ones - improvisation and the various modes.

Therefore it matters on what you hope to achieve. For parents looking to sign up for guitar lessons for their child, I will definitely recommend learning the classical guitar. It gives them a good technical foundation and they also get to learn the skill of reading music (and playing it of course). For adults looking to have a more relaxed leisure style of guitar, learning how to strum along to pop songs sure is awesome. 

I hope I have helped cleared some of the questions you may have as almost everyday I have people asking me what is the difference. 

If you are looking to engage me for private lessons, do note that I'm left with afternoon slots as my schedule is pretty full now.


A picture of my classical guitar student from France. 

It is good to start learning the classical guitar at a young age as it exposes a child to a different kind of music style and the versatility of the guitar helps to hone the creativity of the child. He will learn to read musical notes and pluck along to simple melodies at the start. 

Oct 2012 - Congratulations to Jing Tong for passing the grade 1 classical guitar exam! Way to go!

                                           (Gift for Teachers' Day from a classical guitar student)

Latest Update Sept 2012: 

Happy Teachers' Day! Received this certificate from one of my classical guitar student. I am really touched for her appreciation of my efforts in teaching her. After learning for 2 years of private guitar lessons, she can pluck and strum along most of Taylor Swift's Pop songs! Of course with all the basics of classical guitar as well.

Check out below for more write up about myself. For people looking for a "Crash Course", I have designed a 8 lessons guitar syllabus.  Click here for more info.

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar?

Wanna learn it in an easy and effective way?

Here's a video of my student and I strumming to Coldplay's

Viva la Vida. Listen to what he can strum after 8 lessons :)

Hi there!

You probably chanced upon this blog because you want to learn how to play the guitar.
Perhaps you really want to strum to your favourite songs but might be having worries about picking up the new skill because you feel that you have no musical background and you are afraid that it is difficult.

Well, I'm here to tell you that learning the guitar is totally simple and fun! And I can show you how.

My name is Edmund and I'm a guitar teacher. I have been teaching people how to play the guitar and I've seen so many times how they managed to pick up the skill from scratch and eventually start strumming to different kinds of songs!

Just a little bit more about myself, I have been giving private guitar lessons in Singapore for the past 3 years when I started schooling in university. Along the way, I have also co-started a music business called TravelClef where we bring music lessons to corporate firms.

I have taught kids as young as 6 years old to adults of all ages and professions. I specialize in teaching beginners and my teaching experience has enabled me to guide beginners in the most effective way to learn how to play the guitar. I teach both the classical guitar and pop acoustic guitar.

Why engage a private guitar teacher?

Self-learning the guitar is exciting! Many people can do it and have been doing so. There are many instructional websites around teaching people how to play the guitar through online tutorials. I feel that these are really useful -- but what if I tell you that having a private teacher to guide you will double up the effectiveness of learning and will save you much time? All your learning struggles can be easily overcome when you have someone who has experience guiding you.

Therefore, I'm here to offer my services as your private guitar teacher, be it for you or for your child. If you are looking for guitar lessons in Singapore, feel free to contact me at 91076602 for queries. :)

By the way, this blog contains basic information about the guitar and how to get started playing it. Links can be seen on the right. So if you're self-learning the guitar, I hope you are doing great and that I can be of some help to you by reading those tutorials! Good luck and have fun learning the guitar!