Private Guitar Lessons

I personally believe that learning music should be something that is fun and enjoyable. To me, playing music = fun. That explains why lessons with me are at a relaxed pace and suited to the student's learning progress. Im a very dedicated teacher and my student's willingness to learn is the motivation for me to give my all in guiding them throughout the course.

I play both the classical and acoustic guitar and I teach both. For beginners who learn the acoustic guitar with me, you will learn how to read guitar tabs, how to form chords (open chords, power chords, bar chords), different kinds of basic strumming patterns, how to pluck effectively. As we move on, you will learn how to finger pluck songs. I will also cover basic music theory to enable you to understand why and how chords are being formed/played. Materials are designed by me personally.

For classical guitar students, it depends on what level you are at. For beginners, we will start with basics like note reading and the left and right hand techniques for classical guitar. I am using Christopher Parkening's book for most of my classical guitar students.

After a few lessons with me, you should be able to start playing or already know how to play the songs that you like. I cater to the student's needs and guide him along with the basics and techniques. So you might be strumming along to Jason Mraz's Im Yours in the 3rd lesson or playing Oasis's Wonderwall after 2 months or whichever. :)

Below are information to guitar lessons:

Guitar lessons are usually 1 to 1 duration of lessons are 1 hour sessions, but I will usually extend duration of the lessons if syllabus for that lesson is not completed.

Lesson fees varies from $50-$70/hr depending on location and duration of lessons.

Lessons are usually conducted at student's place.

Materials will be provided by me each lesson.

Students are recommended to have their own guitar.

For more queries please email me at or text me at 91076602 stating that you got my number from my personal blog. (reason is because I have many different queries each day, so it'll be good if you tell me you got my contact from this blog)



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