Guitar Course for Beginners (8 lessons)

Learn the basics of Guitar in 8 lessons

Recently, I've designed a course for beginners who wants to pick up the guitar. The course consists of 8 lessons and I have personally written a syllabus for the 8 lessons. The syllabus will be given to students who sign up for the course. The 8 lesson course has been proven effective as I've used them to teach before.

Look at my happy beginner students who completed the guitar course! :)))

Here's a quick peek for lesson 2's material on strumming patterns:

Main Objectives of the course:

To learn how to read chord diagrams and guitar tabs

To be proficient in strumming different patterns and develop your rhythmic sense. This is done by strumming along to pop songs of your choice.

Learn basic theory. (What are chords, how are they formed. What's major, minor, augmented etc)

To be able to pluck chords with the correct right hand position and fingering. (Similar to classical guitar)

Learn how to pick up different strum patterns for pop songs

Course Details

Update as of 2014 August:

Hi everyone who is reading this post, I would just like to let you guys know that currently I am not able to take in any more private students as my private teaching schedule is full. I wish I could take up interested students like you, however, time is a limited resource :/

But, what I can do is to assist you in finding a experienced and qualified private guitar tutor as I do run an online agency finding guitar teachers for students! Click on this link if you are looking for guitar lessons in singapore and I can help you get started learning the guitar in no time. 

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  1. how much is the fees for trial lesson?